Wish: Dim, Annotation, Hatch to Matchpropterties


Not sure if anyone had posted this before. I use Rhino layout a lot and I hope there is a way to add font and font size matching to “matchproperties” command for dims and annotation. Also, if matchpropertyies can also be the one and only go to for hatch matching (fill style, scale, rotation and layer etc) that would sound dreamy.


Hello - would you expect font and font size to be instead of matching the annotation style? So the result would be an override on the current annotation style for the object?


Yes. An override of the annotation style may be helpful. Thanks Pascal

@mary - can you weigh in on this - I am not sure that it makes sense with the way annotation styles work but I may be thick.


i did :slight_smile: the part about matching hatch styles from objrct properties matching

Hi -

From this reply, it sounds like that was not the initial request.
In which way doesn’t the MatchAnnotation command cover your needs?

While they are somewhat related, please keep separate issues in separate threads.
FWIW, this request is on the list as RH-17720 (not public).

Once again @Helvetosaur comes to the rescue, here’s a Python Script that does just that:
TotalHatchMatch.py (913 Bytes)

Hi @hoganjasonlee1 ,
Rhino uses an Annotation style to managing the settings like Font, text size, arrowhead, arrow size and many other settings. In addition to being assigned to Text or Dimension, the object can also have overrides on the style. The Match would need to accommodate both types of settings.

Match on Hatch does not match the object properties like layer, display, print color. But @Helvetosaur has you covered with the .py

We logged item RH-64476 Add “Match” button to Text command dialog/command line
Not sure when the developer will get to it, but when there is something to test, we will let you know.

Mary Ann Fugier

Hi @rheinason Thank you for sharing and thanks @Helvetosaur for the .py. I will set up more annotation styles to speed up the process. Thanks @mary I never use that Match button before. It’s awesome.

Hello @Helvetosaur thank you again for the .py script. I am wondering if there is something that can be modified in the script to have the matching hatches not grouped? Thank you