Hatch Match- Mac

The hatch- match function is really useful (from having used it on windows) resulting in not having to select each little hatch of every area when drawing but it doesn’t seem to work on mac, has anybody else found this?

it does not appear to be implemented.

Yes it seems so, just wanted to check I wasn’t missing anything

Yep, this is still missing. Logged in RH-38045.

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Matching Hatches should work in the latest RhinoWIP. Please kick the tires and make sure it works for you.

Hi Dan,

In the latest Rhino Version 6 (6.22.20021.10382, 2020-01-21) the ‘match’ command will match the hatch pattern from the selected reference but not change the layer. The ‘matchproperties’ command will match the selected reference hatch’s layer but not change the pattern. It would be great if this could be consolidated.

Thanks in advance!