Match is a bit buggy

Here is a bug and a wish:
Wish: I wish for the ability to rightclick as OK for match.
Bug: If I match the object settings of one hatch to another hatch and rightclick when the dialog is up, then Rhino repeats the previous command, while the dialog is up, and that does not make sense.

Wish2: I also wish for the ability to match hatch style and rotation and object properties at the same time. (I have a script for it, but still… should benefit a lot of users.)

This works now as Holo describes.

Hooray! Will it make it into the sr9?

I’m actually not sure if I have this right. For matching a hatch, I was using the Properties panel, not a dialog box, so there was nothing to right-click. How are you doing it?

I’ll have to take a look, but right now I am off to important stuff like eating Iceacream and drinking coffe in the garden :smile:

Pfffft - Jealous.

Ah, I was talking about both “match” for object properties AND for hatch styles.
When matching a hatch we often need to match the layer and print styles too.

And the object properties match is the one that has the bugs I was talking about.

It’s great that hatch properties now matches style, scale, rotation and base point.
Thanks for updating that!

So you want to do all this in one step instead of having to match the Hatch properties separately, right?

That would be nice, yes please.

AND I would like for the object properties dialogbox to accept RMB as enter.
Right now it just starts the previous command while the dialogbox is still open. A bit messy.

Two bugs logged: for the properties matching. for the right-click issue.