Rhino 7.8.2 is putting the extension name at the end of the file


When I save in another extension this happen.

Hello - I am not seeing this here so far - Is this true of any non-3dm format? Does the command line report the same file name?


Yeah, every non 3dm format is putting the extension name, but only the 1º time when i save it.

If i try to save again, it goes normally

Hello - can you please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and Copy/Paste the results here?


@pascal Something’s not right. Open blah.3dm. SaveAs iges, now with blah.3dm still opened, call SaveAs again. The suggested file type will be igs. Change that to 3dm and the box says blah.3dm.3dm.

OK, thanks, I’ll try. I was going to go back to 7.8 but I’ll try what you suggest…

OK - I see that - if the type is changed in the drop-down, I get that, not if I just type the extension I want, which is my usual way. I will buggify… thanks.

RH-64776 Save: file extension duplicated


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