File save different format bug

say i have a 3dm file olive_080914.3dm
In that file is stuff i want to export out to another format.
So, i select the things i want to export, call “export selected”.
I want to save it in the same directory, with the same name, but with a different format. for example:

But rhino wont let me do this, asking if i want to over write the existing file (ie the 3dm file)

It doesn’t recognize the file format change in the dialog box.
I would call this a bug.


Try choosing the DXF file format from the list of available formats instead of only typing the filename with dxf extension. It seems that Rhino tries to save .dxf.3dm instead of the Autocad format.

Hmmm - If there is no existing dxf file in the directory, then you have to remember at least the first letter of the file name.
Then, you get a drop down box showing existing files with the same beginning letter, regardless of extension.
If you choose the 3dm file, then the name is automatically entered in the save dialog, including the .3dm extension on the end, in the actual name of the file.
The extension is clearly showing as dxf.
But you still cant save it without the same dialog popping up re overwriting.

You might expect it to save with olive_080914.3dm.dxf, but it still prompts for overwriting. (which is not ideal at all)

The only way to save it is to edit the file name in the save dialog to remove .3dm from the name of the existing file.

Its messy and confusing because rhino cant sort out the extensions…

That should work, I’ll check it- thanks.