Rhino 7 7.6 update breaks Pufferfish Scale2Volume component?

I recently installed the 7.6 Rhino 7 update. I ended up rolling back to the 7.5 update because the update broke a grasshopper model I am using on a current project.

The problem encountered was in a Pufferfish Scale2Vlume component which failed to recognize a referenced b-rep and failed with an error stating it did not recognize the type of geometry being referenced. I tried to fix the situation by rereferencing the b-rep (a standard polysurface modeled in rhino) . However, this did not fix the problem.

I imagine this will require some updates to the Pufferfish plug-in. However, I am interested in finding out why this occurred and knowing if there is a simple fix on my end that will allow me to install the 7.6 update without losing needed functionality.

As I post this I see other reports of 7.6 update producing a bad objects bug. Am guessing this is related.

Hi - can you post a very simple example (as a .gh file with internalized geometry) that shows this behavior?

No issues here on 7.6. As @wim mentioned, attach your geo, my guess is there is something about your geo Rhino doesn’t like, Pf isn’t doing anything fancy to understand what a brep is.