Rhino 7 - Build 7.6 - Bad Objects bug


there seems to be a bug with the latest release 7.6 (18/05/2021) related to BadObjects. Closed Polysurfaces that were previously ok (v. 7.5) now turn up as bad objects. These objects cannot be processed by #directshape components in #grasshopper either. Rolled back to previous version and everything works again.


Hi -
Please post a file with an object in the pre-bad state and instructions on how to turn it into a bad object.

rhino bug.3dm (44.5 KB)

Hi Wim, this is an object that was identified as Bad on the latest version. _SelBadObjects on 7.6 should identify this as bad. No modifications were made to the BREP whatsoever. i.e Same BREP is “bad” on 7.6 and “ok” on 7.5

Hi -
Thanks for that file.
I see that this new issue has already been reported and a developer is taking a look.
I have added this thread to item RH-64277 (not visible to the public).
Thanks for reporting!

Hi - can you provide steps to create an object that behaves like this in Rhino 7.6? Is Grasshopper involved in creating such object?

Hi Wim,

we noticed it on a large model which we’ve been building for quite some time now. Errors showed up on all kinds of solid objects : extrusions and closed polysurfaces, some of these were generated using Grasshopper but not a lot and mainly for extrusions. I can’t think of any particular modelling process really… We are quite careful on tolerances too as the whole model was translated to RVT using direct shape in GH. We keep auding this to keep it working with rhino,inside

Hi Win,

we noticed that exploding and rejoining the problematic objects solves the issue (we haven’t changed tolerances before doing so). Hope this somehow helps…