Rhino 7.5 grasshopper ribbon issues

Hi everybody,
I’ve recently updated Rhino from 7.1 to 7.5. Unfortunately, after the update, Grasshopper doesn’t load all the plug-in tabs. Most of the plug-ins work but I cannot visualize them in the ribbon. Other plug-ins simply stopped working. In fact, when I try to run them typing a command in the canvas this happens:
I’ve also tried to update to 7.6 SRCandidate, but I didn’t solve.
I hope you can help. Thanks

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Hi -

I’m afraid I can’t recall having run into that issue before.

Updating or reinstalling Rhino would only affect the components that are part of Grasshopper itself. It won’t solve anything for 3rd party plug-ins. I would try to delete the plug-ins that are misbehaving and reinstalling those.

Already tried, but it didn’t work.

What are the exact steps that you took?
Are any of the default components affected?
If not, which of the other plug-ins are affected and does that apply to all of the components of those plug-ins?
We need more information from you…

Hi Wim, thank you for your interest and your suggestions.

I removed the .gha files from the Component Folder and the eventual user objects (in the case of Ladybug legacy). Then I restarted Rhino. Then I copy/pasted again the .gha and the user objects in the specific folders (unlocking them first). Then I restarted Rhino again.

No default components are affected, except kangaroo, but I don’t know if
It can be considered a default component…
A lot of other plug-ins were affected: Lunchbox, Elefront, Anemone, Heteroptera etc. I can call the components typing in the canvas, but I can’t see them in the ribbon.
Furthermore, I get a strange error message from Ladybug: 1. Solution exception:Ribbon could not be populated 32 times in a row.
I’m attaching a screenshot in which you can see some components taken from the affected plug-ins

Hi -
You can try restarting Rhino and then running the GrasshopperLoadOneByOne command. This will give you an opportunity to block certain plug-ins from being loaded. Since Ladybug is throwing that error, you can start by not allowing that to load and see if that helps with the other plug-ins. If that doesn’t help, you’ll have to restart and prevent another plug-in from loading.

Hi wim, thank you for your answer
I had both rhino 6 and 7 installed.
I solved by uninstalling everything and removing all the plug ins that worked only in rhino 6. Then I installed rhino 7 again and all the third part plug ins working with it
Now everything is fine