Grasshopper hangs on opening in Rhino8

Hi everyone.

So for some reason my Grasshopper has suddenly started to hang at 100% when loading. It just stops at the green Grasshopper splash screen.

It had been working fine up until a few days ago.
I’ve removed all the plugins from the libraries folder, and user objects. I’ve also tried repairing, and then uninstalling and reinstalling Rhino.
Rhino 7 Grasshopper still works, so i’m back to using it, but i’ve already integrated shrinkwrap into a few of my scripts, so it’s not super convenient!

Can anyone offer an idea as to what else i can try?

Hi -

Are there any plug-ins left in Grasshopper in Rhino 7?
Apart from that, have you tried the GrasshopperLoadOneByOne command to see if anything non-default pops up?

Oh, that’s really useful - thank you.
Yes indeed it seems Weaverbird is still installed on R7, and LoadOneByOne crashes at WB plugin.
Can you tell me how to remove WB? I don’t see where it is!

Thank you!