Grasshopper Problem

i have this problem with my grasshopper
now i cant install any plug in grasshopper, what should i do? please help me

Seems like you need to update your Rhino 6 version to the most recent.

Is this preventing other plug-ins from being loaded? That certainly shouldn’t happen. You should be able to remove the PTComponentLibrary file from your machine.

Seems you’re running on Rhino6 yes? Are you on the latest service release?

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for what it’s worth, paneling tools loads/runs fine here on Rhino 6 (6.8.18205.11111, 07/24/2018)
Paneling Tools version 2018.3.1.650.

upgrading rhino 6, solved my problem

i didnt have latest version of rhino 6, with upgrading that, my problem solved