Rhino 6 Won't Install

Ever since I got my Dell XPS 15 7590 (Intel i9-9980 with 32G RAM) I’ve been having the same reoccurring problem whenever I try to install rhino 6. It worked fine in the beginning after first installing it and was able to use it no problem but after a few weeks, it just stopped working.

Tried running safe mode and that didn’t work either.

I uninstalled it and then tried reinstalling many times but was always left with this:

I’ve looked online for answers but nothing’s worked so far. So that being the case, for the past couple of months, I just stuck with using rhino on my desktop.

However, I need to be able to use rhino on the go so desktop rhino just won’t cut it for me.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Did you contact McNeel Support as stated in the message?
It seems you can click that text and get redirected to a website ( or is that referring you here?)


Yes, I’ve already contacted them by sending an email in early February.
I sent it to tech.na@mcneel.com but still haven’t received a response.

I clicked the other link at the top and that led me here.

No reply from the email unexpected.

@John_Brock @pascal : who at McNeel can help out best here?


Hi - I see that John asked you to send the error log at that point and I don’t see an answer to that.
Your new mail from yesterday was answered by Bernat a short while ago.
Just for the sake of documentation in this thread - I checked the log file and it looks like the installer failed to install rhino.msi. For a solution to that problem, please see https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/6/install/error/1603
I hope that gets you up and running on your laptop!


The error message asks you to send the error log linked to the message to tech@mcneel.com for analysis.

Why have you not done that?

The discussion forum is the wrong place to try to troubleshoot specific install problems. This is not a general problem with the installer. These always turns out to be an issue with the specific computer.
There is nothing the group will learn that is of use.

Hi, I’ve been having this exact same problem recently. I bought a new Lenovo laptop only 3 months ago with the exact specs I needed for Rhino 6. Rhino 6 was working absolutely fine up until 2 weeks ago out of nowhere. I had been using it regularly as well as it’s for my job.

I’m getting the exact same error code as shown in above posts ^ and contacted the support team with the log file on the 27th June. I went on holidays and got back yesterday. I got sent the link that was also shown up above ^ and tried it repeatedly this morning. Still no luck. I even tried with Rhino 7 and nothing. Just the exact same error code coming up.

Because my laptop is still new, I tried to reset the whole thing thinking that maybe it was the recent Windows 11 update that messed it up as it was working fine on the original Windows on the laptop. Still no luck. I even tried installing Rhino 6/7 after each update was done.

I’ve contacted support again today so I’m hoping someone will be able to help me out as I really need it for work asap.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know