When you install an error is issued in 1612

Help me please! I can not install Rhino 5.

Perhaps this WIKI article can help…


Thank you! But here I do not quite understand it. I need to clean up the registry is that it?

That’s what it seems like - but first it’s better to try to manually uninstall all the old stuff via Windows control panel if possible… If that fails, then the fixing tool on the linked page may help… --Mitch

I’ve deleted everything that is possible, which is associated with the program.

OK, I guess you should try running the tool on the linked Windows support page then, as the WIKI page suggests. Otherwise, you will need to contact McNeel tech support directly, I don’t know anything more than the trying the stuff on the wiki page.


I need to install and use the Fix it?


I took advantage of Fix (second paragraph) - all well.:sob: Where do I write?


Click on the link “error log” above. It will open a .log file
Send that file to support@mcneel.com

Otherwise, please contact your local reseller - the company who sold you Rhino, they are responsible for local support of their customers.


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I got it. Now I send the file.

For some reason I do not respond by mail.:cry:

It’s the weekend. The service is not 24/7. As I said, contact the person who sold you Rhino, they are your immediate resource.

I downloaded from the official website trial version of the program.

Hooray, responded by e-mail!:grin: