Rhino 6.5 Installation Failure

Hello everyone.

Today a colleague of mine tried to upgrade her version of Rhino from 6.4 to 6.5. At the end of the installation process Rhino disappeard completely from her PC. We tried to reinstall it again and again, but the entire installation process last less then 3 seconds and there is not a single trace on the computer of any installed files beside a blurred icon of “Rhino 6 in Safe Mode”.

What could be this problem caused from?
What could be a possible solution?

Thanks everyone for your help!

There should be an installer log file on the desktop.
When you read it, you will probably find a 1603 error.

Did you try a reboot, and install after it?

Did you also try uninstalling before reinstalling?

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There was a problem with our server that was not allowing the complete uninstal/reinstal of Rhino. Problem solved.