Installation error

Hello there!
After I’ve reset my Laptop yesterday and now I can’t install Rhino 6 anymore. The installation doesn’t even start and error 0 appears. I’ve created a localadmin and a mainuser after resetting.
Is there anything i could have done wrong after resetting?
Thanks for the help.

Unfortunately Install Error 0 is non-specific…

You should have an error log, you can send it to as indicated…

What does that mean actually? Did you re-install Windows? What version of Windows? Is it completely up to date? Are you using the latest installer for Rhino (SR24)?

Another thing you could try is to download a fresh copy of the evaluation installer and see if that works. That would narrow down the trouble source to either your computer or the installer you used.

@brian: Don’t you think it would be helpful if that error message included the pathname and filename of the error log? It would save having to search.

I believe the error diaolg from the rhino installer has a link to the error log.

Thanks Nathan. I guess it didn’t come through on the above photo. I’ve never seen it in real life.