Rhino 6 Wishes list

Rhino there are hundreds of commands that hardly anyone uses, and to introduce a command like you make all these stories!

Cyver perfect!

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You obviously no not understand my point. The forms posted above are so simple, i doubt that Rhino does not have the right tools to create them within seconds.

I would like to see new tools in Rhino which help to perform difficult modeling tasks, like N-Sided Patches with G2 continuity, matching surface edges with variable continuity, robust filleting of multiple surface edges and such. Things which cannot be circumvented by simple modelling tasks. I also do not care what other programs offer and i´m happy that mcneel is not following the mainstream in this regard.

How do you know that ?


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I do not believe in Rhino using all the hundreds and hundreds of commands; in the end they will use twenty to generate surfaces …
There are too many unnecessary commands, some very sketchy, just finished, in my opinion …

For me:

  • MultiBlend, multisweep, strengthening of fillet and chamfer (with fillet type setback and chamfer with angles other than 45°, improvement of the shell and improving the conditions of continuity in the surfaces, represent the priorities!!!

Yeah, good suggestions !

We can also add this in the list, just under the multisweep :wink:

Can you show me something which cannot be circumvented by simple modelling tasks please ?

We all learn from the others, not sure to stay in his corner is the best way.

At the moment I do not have an example that we can show regarding multisweep. However, other modelers have such an instrument.
It also seems to Catia and UGS NX

in the examples above it seems to me that you see the difference between a surface of networks and a multisweep

In regards to surface modeling, try patching a hole with 8 edges, 2 of them need to be G2, two G1 and four G0 continuity. Or match a trimmed surface starting with G2 continuity in the middle with G0 continuity and ending with G2 continuity. All these tasks require time consuming workarounds. Same goes for fixing variable fillets which where partially performed.

Learing from others by not making the same faults is ok for me :wink:


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To generate a form like that you have to split all the curves and use networks, but there is no continuity in some parts … with multisweep would be different, meanwhile, gets faster:
multisweep.3dm (275.6 KB)

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In these points of curvature continuity you are lost, and if you want continuity is lost the shape of the profile curves:

Jpeg 2000 support

They are used a lot in topographic maps. It would be a nice add on.


Ok, nsided, and match trimmed surface are interesting features.

How many construction like that have you to do every day ?

What i can say is the multisweep will be very useful for me , and i will use a lot, every days, my needs.
You have the right to disagree , but your point of view isn’t shared by everybody.

Anyways, developpers will have the last word.

An example of possible multisweep (with 3 tracks and three profile curves).
If there was one multisweep instrument could be done easily, without wasting much time. What do you think?
esempio multisweep.3dm (35.8 KB)

SolidThinking, ViaCAD, Catia and UGS NX can do it quickly and without problems, with Rhino you have to do to fragmented surfaces.

Yes, the multisweep could be a time saver in many cases , also interesting for me with history enable.

What will also cool with history, is the possibility to link objects together, for example link profils to rails, if you move rails control points the profils follow , something like this :

Or this :


May add gradient shading.

Hi all,

We can use Right click or spacebar or Return , 3 shortcuts for a same function, is not too much ?
Once we made a choice the others shortcut become useless.

Personally i use Right click , spacebar remains dead., and no signs of spacebar in Keyboard options.

possibility to assign what we need would be great.

I really would like a toogle maximize/reduce active viewport on it.

Possible ? may be by script ?

Possiblility to lock all axis XYZ/UV count points and degrees in cage.

For now we must enter value for each axis and degrees each time.


I use QuickCage from Peter Harris for this, I rarely use Rhino CageEdit as QuickGage suffices for many uses and is much faster. http://wiki.mcneel.com/people/peterharris