Wish list for 7

I have to confess I’m not a regular user of Rhino. Maybe some features I wish are already implemented (even if not obvious)… Most of the improvements I would like to see are about ergonomy:

  • Isolating one surface in a polysurface without extracting the surface each time
  • A “screen” orientation for the gumball
  • More feedback/solutions from the app. on unsuccessful operations (booleans, divide, limit…)
  • More lasso selections: free-hand or polygon
  • Custom keyboard shortcuts
    Congratulation for your great job on subD modelling and quadReMesh: these are the options I have always dreamed of.

What do you want to do with the surface once it’s “isolated”?

Already possible in V6 and earlier

Already possible in V6 and earlier

Also possible in WIP - although, I could have swore this was already implemented in V6? Is it just me, did I imagine that?

For instance: creating a hole with “divide” in one surface of a polysurface without punching both front and back surface.
well noticed for the other points. Looking further I finaly found it.
“Align to view” is indeed in Rhino 7 WIP
Thank you for all