Rhino 6 WIP Fuzzy Geometry Display

Hi Guys
I installed Rhino 6 and have noticed a display issue where the geometry appears fuzzy and pixelated when compared to Rhino 5.
I have made a short 30 second screen cast detailing the issue, to view please click on the following link https://youtu.be/ilpgqzP-qLQ

Could this be related to V6 Goal: Display Performance

It does look like we are slightly over doing the scaling though. I’ll tweak this for the next WIP.

Yes, if you have a look at text objects in Rhino 6 WIP VS Rhino 5 you will notice a large difference. Text objects such as dimensions look horrible in Rhino 6 WIP. see screenshot below.
Note ensure you view it at 100% to see the pixelated appearance.

Are you sure you are running the latest version? I had pixelated text at some point in the past as well but on the latest it looks like this around here:

ummm im running version
Work In Progress
(6.0.16061.12151, 1/03/2016)
is that the latest version…? when i check for updates it says I have the latest.

That’s the one that I’m running.

Did you follow Jeff’s instructions for checking if the pixelation on your end is because of the rewrite of the display engine?

Hi Wim,
just tried that now but no change.
when I zoom right into text geometry in Rhino V6 it gets pixelated. it like the text geometry is displaying in a raster format rather than a vector format.
see images below.
what happens if you zoom right into a dimension in V6?

Yes, that is also happening here:



The text drawing is completely different in V6. Is it important to you that the text edges look clean when zoomed in to that level?

Not to me, no. I suppose I should check what happens when printed on paper. . .

Thanks Steve
The text edges display are not important when zoomed in, I was just using it as an example to show the pixalated display I have in Rhino 6WIP.

However It is important that not every bit of geometry displays fuzzy or pixalated as is my current experience with Rhino 6 WIP. Text is certainly the worst but everything displays with this fuzzy or pixalated edge in Rhino 6 WIP when I compare it to the crisp sharp geometry I get with Rhino 5.

Text drawing and wire drawing are very very different. Are your OpenGL AA settings in Rhino the same in both V5 and V6?

Hi Wim,
Looking at your screenshot of the red box I do see some fuzzy edges on the polysurface edges but they are not as pronounced as on my system. Are you using a UHD display, 4k or the likes?

Im using a 1080P 27" monitor as I have found Rhino (and most CAD applications) are not able to implement high DPi displays well at all. The buttons and menus are to small to see or if you mess round with the windows scaling that turns the UI into a jumbled mess. The best option is to use an external manifest file but that turns your whole display into a fuzzy mess.

Hi Steve,
Yes both AA settings are the same. Have a look at the screencast I made here to view https://youtu.be/ilpgqzP-qLQ

No, I’m just using my laptop display at 1920 × 1080.

I have been messing around with the open GL settings in Rhino 6 WIP to see if I could improve the display and have come across some other odd behaviour that the development team might be interested in.

In Rhino 6 WIP when I set AA to “none” shaded mode dosnt work. all that displays is a wireframe.
When I set the viewport to rendered display nothing displays except points.

Edit, when I set AA to none, x2, & x4 the wire frame issue described above is present. the viewport will only shade when AA is set to x8

That has to do with recent performance optimizations (V6 Goal: Display Performance) and should be fixed in the next WIP that you get. The problem is not setting you AA to None; the problem is changing your AA settings. When the settings get changed I need to clear out a bunch of cached information and rebuild it which is not happening on the WIP that you are using. If you restart Rhino with AA set to none, the shaded display should work again (or at least until you change the AA settings again).

Hi Steve,
Just thought I would mention it but looks like you are all over it already. Thanks for responding.

I believe this is related to the following bug that we have recorded