Rhino 6: VPN connection seams to fail


I’ve got a customer call. Rhino seams not to find the VPN internet connection, and therefore can’t find the rhino-account license.

Are there any tools/settings to check, where Rhino is looking for an internet connection?



Rhino accounts do not require a VPN connection back to a private LAN. If the customer is remote, then the LAN Zoo would need a VPN connection to the network where the LAN Zoo is hosted.

To use the Cloud Zoo for Rhino V6, Rhino.exe must be able to contact:
https://accounts.rhino3d.com/ (TCP port 443)
https://cloudzoo.rhino3d.com/ (TCP port 443)

Hi John,

he was also talking about a VPN Proxy. So, I will tell him to configure the proxy also for port 443.

Does this make sense?



Hi @Michael_Meyer,

One thing about my experience with VPNs, if the upload bandwidth of the internet connection is not good enough the result could be either frequent disconnects or even lack of connection.

I had this problem when I first came to Germany. Had really slow mobile network 3g router that could not connect to my company VPN. I had to buy better package with increased upload speed and I had no issues afterwards.

I’m still confused.
If your user is hosting their licenses in the LAN Zoo, then here’s a link to the support document related to proxy servers:

If they are using the Cloud Zoo then this does not apply.

Hi John,

he is using the Cloud-Zoo. He starts Rhino, but Rhino doens’t open the expected web-browser, nor does find the license from his rhino-account.

Also, he has now two rhino-accounts. For which account is Rhino looking for? The account with the last login?

I am somehow lost? He will call tomorrow again.



Having two Rhino accounts is a disaster.
Have them eliminate one of them.
One user, one Rhino login account.

The user can use the Rhino account Web access here:
The user can also switch accounts there:

OK, lets cross fingers. Thank you.