Using VPN to access Rhino

I am a college student trying to access Rhino through a VPN. I’ve installed the VPN and Rhino on my computer. My computer says it is connected to the VPN. I open Rhino and click “Use the Zoo.” When I click “Detect Zoo server automatically” it says unable to detect Zoo server automatically. When I type in the IP address it says "Connectivity test with the Zoo server “” failed. Am I doing something wrong or am I missing a step?

Has someone at the school given you these details?
It would be pretty strange for a School IT department to allow VPN access into the subnet a LAN Zoo was running on. It’s a potential security issue.

Normally, a school would setup a Cloud Zoo Team, for remote access to school owned Rhino licenses.

Please contact your School IT department for any specific details needed so you can use their Rhino licenses.