Rhino 6 clients fail communication with Zoo server

I am a brand new user setting up Rhino and Zoo to be used for one of our courses. We have Rhino 6 Ed. Lab licences and Rhino 5 Ed. Lab licenses for Mac. The Zoo server is all set up on our campus network with the licences applied and internal (Windows) clients are obtaining licenses without a problem.

The issue arises when trying to access the Zoo server from a wireless network that requires a NAT setup for the Zoo server. Testing shows the request from the client on wireless is received and responded to by the Zoo server but the client never gets the confirmation. So the client fails to get a license.

Any know issues with NAT? I see a couple entries in the forum but nothing specific. Would this be considered an outside network and therefore require a VPN?

Happy to provide more technical info if anyone wants it.

Ithaca College

Hi folks, Can anyone share any insight on the situation above? It may be just normal behavior and one of the ways the Zoo server differentiates between local and non-local networks. I just want to know if that’s the case or if I have misconfigured something.

Any input appreciated!
Thanks very much,

Hi @taylor607,

There isn’t anything on the Zoo side, as far a configuration, you can do. The Zoo has no idea where network traffic originates.

My guess this is a routing issue, being that it works with wired, LAN clients.

– Dale