Rhino 6 update/install error rhino.msi: -2147023293 [SOLVED]

Hi all,
Unfortunately I’m not able to reinstall on my laptop the latest version of Rhino 6. After the failed attempt to update it, I still getting error package rhino.msi not found, I uninstalled and deleted the installation folders, but unfortunately nothing done, I get always the same error. I attach some screenshots, I hope you can help me solve the problem, Thanks.

Thanks to Giuseppe Massoni (tech support) I have solved the problem above. It depends on some Windows Updating issue, however here some useful tips:

  1. Error code 1603: https://wiki.mcneel.com/it/rhino/6/install/error/1603
    solved by Microsoft’s Fix

to avoid this screen errors run Microsoft’s Fix and remove this three:

  1. Rhino6;
  2. Rhino Engine Installer;
  3. Rhino Language Pack:

In my case it worked.

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