Error rhino.msi:-2147023286

Hello, I just need help on installing my Rhino. I recently cleaned up the recent installation that I had for rhino. However, when I installed it again, an error keeps popping up. It is the “rhino.msi:-2147023286”. I don’t know what to do and I really need to install the app right now. i hope someone can help me.

It sounds like you cleaned out some critical files.

Start with this… Install Error 1603 - Rhino 6 & 7 [McNeel Wiki]

If you are still having issues go though the manual uninstall.

The Windows Installer cache cannot find a file or registry key required for uninstall. This is a common problem caused by the Windows Installer Service. The best solution is to use Windows Install Clean Up to thoroughly remove the previous installation. After you clean up the previous install, you will be able to reinstall Rhino and get a valid install.