Rhino 6 Update Change - Can't [Undo > Copy > Redo > Paste] anymore

Hello, in the newest update for Rhino 6 CopytoClipboard now is an “Undoable” action, so when you go back in history to get an object you had erased you just can’t go back to where you were to paste it.

I used this resourse a lot, it speeds up the workflow in cases where, for example, you made a BooleanDifference with (Deleteinput=Yes) and you just wanted to get the erased object back without running the command all over again. Just pressed Ctrl+Z > Ctrl+C > Ctrl+Y > Ctrl+V and voilà.

Gonzalo Szechter.

Hi Gonzalo - as far as I can see this works here. Does it fail in all cases? What happens, exactly? CtrlZ on an CopyToClipboard or cut operation does not remove the object from the Windows clipboard.

Note you can reverse the order too - Ctrl-C >CtrlZ > Ctrl V.


Hello Pascal, sorry for the delay in the response. I’ve been trying it and it actually doesn’t fail in all cases, but in some of them it does. I can’t tell exactly why or when it happens and when it doesn’t, but it may vary depending on the file.

No objects are being removed from the clipboard, the problem comes as _CopyToClipboard din’t use to be an action that affected Rhino Command History, and now on some cases it is. So when I Undo actions intending to recover a missing piece I erased and copy it to the clipboard, Redo just doesn’t take me back as it reads the _CopyToClipboard command as the last action made. I can record a video and send it to you if it helps to understand the issue.


There are other applications that can “take over” the Windows Clipboard.
See if there is any correlation between other applications being loaded or if Rhino is the only application running.

Hello John, I will check it our but I doubt so. Windows Clipboard is not being overwritten, it is a problem that resides in how Rhino takes _CopyToClipboard command as an action.

The object actually goes to the clipboard and pastes without problems, the issue comes when I am on a stage where I may be missing an object instance where it hadn’t been modified or filleted, but I don’t want to loose the progress done. So I will go back to get it with Undo, I willl Copy it to the Clipboard and then I will go back to where I was with Redo (this is where it fails) and paste it.

That would work ok, but on most cases I would have to Copy a lot of objects that had been modified over time, and then after Undoing as they may appear without those modifications it would be a mess to search which ones should I delete to replace them with the newest ones. Or equally as complicated as copying all objects including the Hidden ones, Undoing and deleting all those objects (in their old version) before pasting the newest ones.

The proceeding I usually do (Undo -Sometimes lots of Undos- > Copy> Redo -And lots of Redos- > Paste) is much better as I normally need just one object to bring back from the past.

Hi Gonzalo -

Please post a 3dm file and step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce this issue.


Which version were you running before that update and do you still have that version so that you can uninstall the current and install that older version to check if that behaved differently?

Ok, so now it’s been a while since this doesn’t happen so I can’t send you any files (I can’t remember in which of them I faced this issue). Maybe it was fixed in the latest update or it’s just a coincidence that I haven’t come across this problem again for now.

I’ll keep in touch and send you the file in case it comes back.

Gonzalo Szechter.