Ruined workflow, Copy/Paste problem!

In Rhino 8 operations like copying and pasting are included in the history stack, which disrupting my workflow very much. Is there a way to remove it form history stack? In rhino 7 everything is fine. Thanx

Paste has always been part of the undo stack. Copy (to clipboard) is not, it doesn’t show up here in any case in my V8…

Hello- can you describe exactly what works in V7 that does not in V8?


Not in my case, it is just with rhino 8

In rhino 7 you can go back (with ctrl+z) copy some objects, than go redo and paste that object. In rhino 8 ctrl+c interrupts history stak and you cant go redo. Another example: I want to go back for few steps and export a file, than go redo and continue modeling. In rhino 8 export command interrupts history stack and I cant go redo…

Hello-as far as I can see what you describe works here - does it work for you if you start a new file, make a box, move it, Undo, export the box, Redo?

Please also run SystemInfo in Rhino and copy paste the results here.


It seems the issue is with MatrixGold, not Rhino 8. Apologies for any confusion.