How to upgrade from V6 to V7

Just purchased the V7 upgrade, and am now trying to install it.

When I upgraded from V5 to V6, it all ended up a bit of a mess and I thought I may have missed the correct way to upgrade. I’ve had a look in the WiKi, but I’m non the wiser.

I’m not using a Zoo license so I pick the “just on this computer” option. the next bit starts asking me for details, address etc as though I don’t have an account. Is this the correct route, or am I missing an “upgrade existing account” option?


Thanks! You should still register the v7 license when installing. Rhino 7 will also be a separate application in your Applications folder. Since you are using the stand alone licensing method, you probably won’t need to access any Rhino Account you’ve made but you can check at to see if you have one and if your Rhino 6 license is in it. Rhino 5 licenses won’t be storable in Rhino Accounts.

If you get stuck or have further questions, email with screenshots of the messages you’re asking about.


thanks for the reply, now up and running.

Would be nice if one of the options was labeled as specifically for upgrade, especially if it would get your details from your existing account details, would give someone like me confidence that I was doing the right thing.

Thanks for the feedback and your upgrade! I’ll bring this up with the installer developers to see if we can make it more clear.

I looked up your account - you have one - but you’re licensing “single computer” which means that Rhino isn’t using your account.

I’d love to hear more about how you think this could be clearer. Can you take a screenshot of where you’d like to see the upgrade-specific option? You can get back to the licensing process with Tools > Options > Licenses > Change My License.


I think a lot of what I’m getting at is a combination of me and a part the fact that a lot of the help files are PC based. An example of this is your directions on how to get to the “Change My License” section, I’m guessing that’s how you get to it on a PC, on a Mac it’s in the preference section. So I follow your guide, can’t see it, decide maybe it’s changed in V7, go look in V6, still can’t see it, finally remember it’s in presences, all the time I’m assuming I’m doing it wrong.

It was the same when doing the V7 upgrade, all along it seemed that I was setting up something new, being asked for my details seemed odd when my V6 had to have been registered with you.

If “Upgrade from previous version” was added to the above list I’d be confident I was doing the right thing. If it could retrieve my details/add the new license to
my others, that would be even better.

I admit most of this is my problem, I didn’t spot any posts on the forum about this, so not a general problem.

On a different note, any idea why the Panels Tools still don’t have a menu in the Mac version?