Rhino 6 SR27 cant orbit in Parallels Desktop


I am running on imac with Parallels Desktop 10. Orbiting doesn’t work (opening many files and raw files).
It works if I open in Safemode and open the file from there, but the plugins are broken

Version 6 SR27
(6.27.20176.5001, 6/24/2020)

Even in safemode I got a GL error and it said “report immediately” though I wasn’t able to screenshot that

You’ll need to revert back to V6 SR26 until we figure out what broke.

Uninstall Rhino V6, and reinstall using this link.

Do not update again until we figure this out.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


you do know that Parallels is an unsupported platform yes?

even if you do get it running again, it will likely break again… which is why parallels is unsupported.

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this seems to works in parallels black screens too! so many thanks! you saved me!

Is this problem resolved or expected to be in the next version?

I think it works better in SR28, the current shipping SR, but it may very well break again. We try to make Rhino work in Parallels, but the system is so flaky, we can not support it.
Why aren’t you running Windows Rhino on a Windows computer?

I only use mac except for vray Rhino. This is the only application that isn’t on mac and there is no hope in sight for a vray plugin for mac. I know more than 10 people who have this issue as nearly all other software for architects is supported in mac.

Bootcamp has become very tedious over time and Parallels has much improved to the extent that I am getting really good render speeds on virtual desktop.

That is your choice, but you’re on your own as far as support goes related to Parallels.

I have a stationary PC but a MBP on the go, I really don’t like being in windows for general work… But I use rhino in parallels because Grasshopper is much smoother than the Mac version, which lags a bit of speed in the Canvas… It would be so nice if it was possible to address this issue somehow.

I hate to beat the perished pony, but we have… you simply run bootcamp.

Do that and all your Pc issues go away.