No ejecuta bien Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros abre en windows 10, pero cuando comienza a funcionar la pantalla se pone negra. Los comandos no operan, se pune muy lenta, Tengo una laptop de buena calidad, es Mac y cuenta con un sistema virtual Parallel, windows 10 original, Sin embargo los comandos no funcionan.

Espero ayuda, gracias

Unfortunately, Parallels on Mac is not a supported system for Rhino. The problems you are experiencing sound typical for this situation.

I am not sure of that information, because I have been using Rhinoceros 6 in Parallel for Mac for 10 months and it has had no problems. It started failing this week, I’m told on McNeel that there are several people reporting a problem there.

Hi -

Parallels is not supported, yes. You can find that information on the System Requirements page:

That’s correct. Some people running Parallels have reverted to an older version.
From what we hear, running the Rhino 7 WIP doesn’t have that issue.

thank you very much I will install the WIP to see if it is solved.

I just installed WIP on Parallel Mac, windows 10 and it worked for me. Thank you !

Well, not to rain on your parade, but you might just be lucky… I wouldn’t necessarily count on it working for the next 10 months…

While Windows Virtualization will remain unsupported, the developers do try to make it work. There is some hope this can be fixed but because Virtualization is a moving target, it will remain a risk if you choose to use it.

My best guess is the V6 problem with Parallels will be fixed, but it may take a while. In the mean time, SR26 seems to work. Just don’t update.