Rhino 6 SR0/SR1 does not import 3ds files. Error output: "Could not open file: %filepath%"

I have tried several 3ds files and every single one of them fails to import with the error “Could not open file: %filepath%”.

Seems to work OK here on a couple of files I tested… It sounds like Rhino is unable to parse the actual path to the file… Does the path or flename have any “funny” characters in it? If you put the file somewhere else does that help any?

I also thought about that but after moving them to C:\ the same behaviour takes place.
There goes a test file:

Eames_La_Chaise.zip (45.2 KB)

Opens fine here… (SR2 - RC1 - 6.2.18043.22301, 12-02-18)

Ok, I will try the RC over the weekend.
Anyway there is another problem this is the original mesh:

For some reason Rhino triangulates both Quads and Polygons.

Yep, looks like the mesh got triangulated on the way out…

Is there a way to avoid this triangulation from happening?