Saving to a network location takes a very long time

Saving .3dm files locally doesn’t take that long, but saving to a network locations (on a slow network conenection, e.g. VPN wifi) takes like 10 times longer

If it was possible to think of a solution that would be great.

Yes, I know it could be saved to desktop and then copied at the end of the day. But you know…

Obligatory leaky abstractions comment goes here

There is a tool that might help.

In Rhino Options > Advanced, find

The default is false. Change it to True.
Close and restart Rhino.
This may help.

If the network/wifi is slow and not enough bandwidth, we can’t help with that.

Any luck?

I will try it, but will it eventually save the file to the correct network location?

So the LocalTempFile is just a “cache”


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you can speed this up even more with turning off compression at the cost of file size:

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I tried it, but it doesn’t seem to work. The idea is correct I think, but saving this file is still many times slower even after ticking the above option True.

Maybe a bandwidth problem then.
What does Ookla SpeedTest report?

That’s true, but I think it might work, the thinking seemed good, but maybe a bit more attention could be given to polishing it off? There is probably just something that didn’t tick the right way.

It would be a huge time saver not having to shuffle the files manually and let Rhino handle saving on slow connections.

Let’s see if you’re trying to fill a swimming pool with a garden hose first…

Rhino uses a special file system that ensures Windows doesn’t screw it up.
It was designed to work locally.

When you copy a file using File Manager, then all of those safety steps we put in are avoided.


tried the options from the link above (SetArchiveMemoryBufferSize and compression. There is no EFS or VMQ here), but the results still seem the same. Rhino seems to start running something that keeps it hang while it should just save a temp file and let it sync in the background… probably easier said than done, but it would be a really handy feature, especially for people coming form AutoCAD, which has this one advantage that file sizes are usually really small and saving is instantaneous. Unfair comparison of course, but from user experience it may get in the way.

Hi, is this setting available via a registry key?

We’d like to deploy it across all devices as it helps a lot with write times.

I don’t think so.
It was added for V7 and V7 does not use System Registry keys like earlier versions of Rhino did.

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Ok thanks!