Rhino 6 Section Tools

Hello all,

Is there a way to control the size of labels and to add odd station sections ?
I have about 150 sections at one meter intervals, plus a few sections in between at odd intervals. The default label size is too large, overlaps,each other and print out as one solid line.

If the Section Tools can’t do what I am after, is there a way to display grid lines in the layout view and print?

Thank you for reading.


Are you referring to the dots in the section layout (after running stLayout) or the section hint in 3D model space? ST does not have an option for dot text height, but you can run the attached script to change all dot heights in the document which might help.
RS_ChangeDotsHeight.rvb (634 Bytes)

To answer your other questions, currently there is no way to display the Rhino model space grids in layout.