Annotation Dots appear very small in print/pdf

I am using annotation dots to identify parts and their positioning. When I make a print to use them “in the field”, they appear very small in size, only 2.5 mm wide. I cannot find a method to print them at a larger size, I have tried printing at a larger scale, changing between raster mode and vector mode, and changing the model space scale, all to no avail.

Here are screenprints of the printing dialog (which shows annotation dots at an acceptable size), and the print result, both in vector mode and raster mode. Vector mode is marginally better than raster mode, it looks like the dot itself is not printed, but the text seems to be larger in size.


Edit: Ok, I found a way to make them larger, there is a size field in properties. But you have to make the on_screen size ridiculously large to get a reasonable printed size. My monitor is a 2560x1440 27"Mac, maybe the sizing is based on a lower resolution screen. I would like to see a better balance between screen and print if possible.

yes dots seems very unpredictable, they keep a certain relation to each other if one uses different sized dots, but the outcome still appears smaller. did you try those settings below either? i did not have any luck there but maybe its somethings to play with. i use the same resolution as you do.

i can only suggest to use ConvertDots and make normal text which is then predictable again and copy some dots manually.

Thanks for your reply, Richard. I had not discovered that one yet, but as you have probably found out as well changing the “Text dot font size” field does not have any effect on the printed text size.