Help with rhino 6

I am just starting out with rhino 6, after working with 5 for six or so jears.
I am stumbeling over lots of thing wich are new (and very nice) but also things I cannot solve quick.
Is ther anyone who can guide me trough the settings and the differnces between 5 and 6?
online or realtime?
that wpuld shorten my learning path with lenghts!

would be nice to hear from you.

Kind regards,

maarten Wijnen

The Features page on the Rhino web site was designed with this need specifically in mind:

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Hi @maarten1
There’s also these pages wich highlights some of the new features/changes. Each section has a sub-page with more details, so be sure to click the headlines.
HTH, Jakob



I have some special questions about things wich I think experienced user can tell me in a second.

I already studied the items in the link, they came good thand.

I am experiencing difficulties in rendering, used to work with flamingo nxt 5, wich does not seem to work with rhino 6 (uodate also 470 euros…)

I do mainly interior design. What would be a good render engine fort hat purpose?


Hoi Maarten -

There’s always V-Ray… but have you tried the built-in Raytraced display mode in Rhino 6? It uses the Cycles engine that’s also available in Blender. In Rhino 7 it replaces the old rendering engine completely.

Hi Wim,

I will look that up.

A have a big library with my own materials, can they be imported in r6?