Rhino 6 Rendered Mode Display Bug?

Hi , I’ve installed Rhino 6 on a friend’s PC and then just created a box but the Rendered mode is like the old Rhino 5 , see :

And the shaded mode like this :

PS: I have restored all the display modes to default already

Hi @Amir_Habibi,

Can you copy/paste the text from Rhino’s Help -> System Information page?


This to me looks like there is no ICD driver installed…my guess is that it’s using the Microsoft Generic GL driver (i.e. OpenGL 1.1).

So as David suggested, please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and then copy and paste the results here.


Hi again and sorry for late response
I couldn’t copy the text because of PC’s internet connection problem I hope the photos help

@Amir_Habibi What GPU does your computer have? It seems like Rhino isn’t using it, and instead using a very basic rendering driver.


Please run the attached program and take a screenshot of it and paste it here. It will tell us which (if any) GPUs are installed on your system…

Note: You will first have to save it your hard drive, unzip it, and then run the resulting DeviceID.exe program. Also, Windows might complain about running this program…just allow it to run, it was written by me and it is safe.

DeviceID.zip (58.1 KB)


I hope these two helps , I can’t reach the PC easily but as soon as I could I will post the screenshot of the DevidceID @jeff
Thank you so much


Are you accessing the computer via Remote Desktop or something similar?

It looks like you have some type of Windows display drivers installed. I would strongly recommend you download and install a fresh NVIDIA display driver from here: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/112594/en-us


No , Actually the PC is in my home and I am at work all days and some nights .
I’ll report the process as soon as I reach it .

FYI, GTS 250 driver support by Nvidia was discontinued in 2016.

Also, according https://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gts250/specifications the device does at most OpenGL 3.0