Rhino6 Display 'Artifacting' - display errors

Just got a new PC with GTX 1650 and am getting odd ‘artifacting’/‘anti-aliasing’ effects when I run display mode. I opened up my display preferences and changed the shaded setting to ‘object color’ from the default… that didn’t work, so I ‘restored defaults’.

Not sure what is going on here. I have run Rhino on machines with very basic graphics cards and it displayed fine.

Thank you for any help.

err3 err4

The OpenGL version is incorrect. You probably should reinstall the latest drivers you can find for your GPU.

Thanks will try in the AM. What is the correct OpenGL version? Nvidia control panel says my drivers are up to date, but I am assuming rhino uses the intel card. So I’ll update that.


A bit hard to say what GPU exactly is being used, please post the text created by the Rhino command _SystemInfo.

That said, if your control panel says latest driver then maybe you just need to re-install the driver. Sometimes a Windows update messes up these.

Hi - just a FWIW on that one…
No, Rhino isn’t using the Intel card either.
Apparently, Windows can’t find any GPU on your system and is using the Windows’ OS software alternative. Make sure you have all Windows updates installed, reboot the system, and, as Nathan wrote, re-install the GPU drivers.

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Thanks for the replies @wim and @nathanletwory and info.

@nathanletwory here is the image you requested:

After posting this, my Rhino display was functioning normally this morning. Although the problem has persisted for a week, after posting, it decided to correct itself.

Nevertheless, I have updated my drivers and all seems to be well now.

Thank you to all for the help and information.


Enjoy Rhino (: