Rhino 6 regressions


Is it still the case that the regressions are given high priority when it comes to fixing bugs in SRs?
There are two particularily painful ones for us over here that are still here in SR3:

  1. SetObjectDisplayMode not working on Curve objects:

  2. RhinoScript Editor important workflow functionalities that no longer work:

Probably not trivial to fix but without these it’s difficult to make a smooth transition to Rhino 6, even though we got our copies and “play” with them testing how everything works (or doesn’t work :wink: )



I’m looking at this now and I think it may be related to how we are caching curves for faster drawing. If you turn GPU tessellation off, do you get the curve display that you are after? If so, then I can probably get this fixed (even with GPU tessellation on) pretty quick. There’s a function that determines if curve caching can be performed for a certain curve and I don’t think it is properly paying attention to objects that have ObjectDisplayMode attached.

Hi Steve,

Spot-on, with Tesselation=OFF a quick test shows that the curves behave as it used to with custom per-object display mode…


I’m working on a fix for this now. The fix will show up in SR4 which if everything goes right we’ll have an initial release candidate for next week.


That’s a great news. Thank you.