SetObjectDisplayMode is crashing SR11

Running SR11 5.11.50107.14545 1/7/2015
Repeatable crashes when using SetObjectDisplayMode
Win 7 SP1
Nvidia Quadro FX1800 Drivers

Not happening on a very similar machine here. Something in the display settings maybe?

Is this happening with one file or any? I’m also wondering if the GPU and driver are the same on both systems. Can you send the one file if it turns out to be specific to that 3dm? You can email it to

Happens if I open a blank file, draw a sphere, and then call the command.

Both machines have the same CPU, GPU and graphics drivers. Mine has a 2560x1440 display and his two 1920x1080 displays. Both have V-Ray, but other plug-ins might vary. And I probably have my display mesh settings a lot coarser.

on mine does same, but if i do load protect on Neon it stops crashing on setobjectdisplaymode

ok, forget that…still crashes even after I have Neon load protected and not ‘loaded’. But I can reproduce same. open rhino, draw sphere…select it and type setobjectdisplaymode…crash

Try starting Rhino in Safe Mode and see if it crashes then.

I’ve left work for the weekend, but thanks, I’ll try that when I get back. I should have rebooted, never know what that will fix.

My computer crashes too with SR11. I opened Rhino in safe mode but there are no display modes other than wire to try. So nothing happens. At least it doesn’t crash in safe mode.

Oh, yeah… here too… --Mitch

Thanks guys- the latest update blows here as well-


Hi Guys,

Sorry about that…this got introduced by another fix…but was merged incorrectly. I’ve fixed it and committed it…so it should be in the next SR11 RC.

Thanks for reporting this.

Terrific! I can’t tell you how gratifying it is, as an end user, to deal with developers who not only pay attention to the users when there is an issue, but jump right in and fix it. You guys are the best!

Today I’ve experienced same bug here.
Waiting for next SR.

Having the same problem here, and I’m using this function in many of our internal scripts used by our CAD team and few other teams in our supply chain. So this is a very big problem for me right now…

I also noticed this fails with both the Rhinoscript method and the command line method… How soon might we get an update on the SR?!


If you’re setup to receive “Service Release (Daily)”, then you should already have the fix…if not, then you’ll have to wait for the official RC…which I don’t know when it will go out…JB might know.

Thanks Jeff. I’m not set up for “daily” SR’s and i don’t even see that as an option. Hopefully John can offer some insight into timing for the next RC… In the meantime, i have no workaround…


Hi Jonah- look for 'Service release candidate", not ‘Daily’… Daily is not available ‘out there’ as far as I know.


Last one I checked still crashed… Yep, still does. (5.11.50107.14545, 07-Jan-15) Seems like there was a more recent build, but Rhino tells me it’s the most recent.

Even if we’re pretty “out there” ourselves?

Yeah, see, you have to be In Here. It’s for your own good you know…


I have same version as Mitch, also set to “SRC” and Rhino tells me that I’m up-to-date (which apparently I’m not?)… o_O