Rhino 6 Picture command crash

I am running Rhino 6 on a M1 Pro but every time i use the picture command the whole thing crashes, i don’t know what is causing it or how to fix it.

the problem is you are running v6 on an unsupported platform.

(from our system requirements page)

Not Supported

  • Apple Silicon processors (M1 and later)
  • Virtualization systems on macOS such as VMWare and Parallels

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the fix for this is to upgrade to v8 which was written for the m1 processors

Yeah , lots of things that USED to work seem NOW to need an upgrade to 8 to run properly . I DO notice David Foster mentions he’s running on an M1 Pro yet UNLESS he’s JUST installed his RH-6 on a NEW M1 Pro ( could be ) his Rh-6 should work ?

I’m running RH-6 on an Intel Intel Xeon CPU E5-1650 - 3.50GHz processor , 32G RAM & 2 1Tb H.D.s under an Nvidea Qu-M4000/8Gb VRAM with 3 displays ,
and STRUGGLE to match results I USED to get on my OOoolldddd I7-7200 , same specs otherwise .

I also struggle to get rational Material Image application in situations where it would just WORK and I’d move on … .

I’m guessing the SOLUTION to my situation is upgrading too ?

Thanks -
C .

V6 is not supported on m1 processors for the Mac.

You are running on a pc and should have no issues with your v6. (At least not the same ones being reported by the op)

If you do please start a new thread with your systeminfo and steps to repeat the problem.

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