Rhino 6 Crashing on M1 Pro Mac

I’ve been using Rhino 6 on my new MacBook M1Pro and every time I access the materials tab it automatically crashes forcing me to quit. Sometimes I’m able to click on the Materials tab and stay on it but as soon as I try adding a material it crashes as well.

Rhino 6 does not support Apple Silicon:

Towards the bottom: ARM not supported, that is the new M1 chips and later ARM architecture.

You’ll have to upgrade to Rhino 7 to be able to use your M1Pro machine (Rhino 7 requirements)

Would I still be able to access my files from Rhino 6? Or would I have to start all over.

Hi -

Rhino 7 can read and write Rhino 6 formatted 3dm files.

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