Rhino 6 Performance (6.20.19302.09472, 2019-10-29)

hi there, just recently updated to the above i believe service release candidate, an empty viewport with nothing but a grid is very tough to rotate and pan in perspective and orthogonal viewports. when i create a box to see what i am doing and hide the grid it becomes kind of normal, so the grid seems to be causing some severe performance issues.

Are you using a default template when you start the new file or one of your own?

just a regular template with nothing on

So far I’m unable to reproduce what you’ve described.
I’m running a little 13" MBP with Intel Iris graphics.
Perspective view rotating and panning works fine using the trackpad (2 fingers or 2 fingers + Shift) or a USB mouse (RMB or RMB+Shift) in 4 views or maximized.
I’m running Mojave.

How is your setup different?

quad core 2,3 GHz Intel Core i7

System: latest Mojave

Intel Iris Pro (1536 MB)
and NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M (2 GB)

32" ASUS -> PB328 (2560 x 1440 @ 59 Hz)

SystemInfo.txt (2.5 KB)

a bigger grid slows it down even more and also the more lines of a grid are shown at the same time in the viewport the slower it becomes. changing the open gl settings to a lower number speeds it up again but its still noticeably slower than before which by the way was also slower than Rhino 5. with other words Rhino 5 works much better in regards of performance… i know i keep repeating myself here…

ok to be fair i believe rhino 6 rather has issues with mouse zoom, panning and rotating on the other side actually felt pretty good.

What grid settings are you using? Rhino has always had problems with drawing the grid if the numbers get out of hand.


Could you please provide screenshots of what you’re seeing…It’s easier for me to see something I recognize rather than try to read something that might sound familiar.

Also, you said you just “updated” to 6.20… So can I assume then, that 6.19 works without these issues, and that these problems were introduced by the 6.20 release?


yes it worked better before, the issue with the grid now severely slowing down the viewport started with this release. i will try to make some short clip which hopefully exhibits the problem as soon as i get to it. maybe tomorrow at this time around.

i just used a regular grid from the standard templates

hi jeff, i just had another go at it. odd thing is that it seems to have slightly accelerated again without doing anything to change it. the recent update which just was published i did not install.

still the grid itself feels sluggish and gets worse as soon as i place a simple cube on it. the problem gets noticeable on my machine when i use a grid set to small objects in feet an inches.

at certain zoom levels it becomes very sluggish and generally my mouse moves way ahead, the grid pulls behind. version 5 its all super fast, the grid stays on my mouse as fast as i pull.

screenshot of my set up.

on the other hand it seems that zoom now works faster, maybe i am imagining that but before it certainly was far slower than rhino 5, now it seems actually the same speed. did you change anything there?

hi @stevebaer and @jeff anything you pinned down so far or am i the only one experiencing this. i reset all preferences to see if the issue has arisen somewhere there but it did not make any difference. meanwhile i believe that it just generally has become slow, no matter if a grid is visible or not it just chokes slightly on a cube with nothing else visible at all already. in case we got lost here i am talking about rotating and panning the viewport.

again rhino 5 works fast.

Not really; and I haven’t heard of this issue from other users yet. If you turn the grid off in your viewport and draw a cube, does the display run smoothly? I want to verify that this really is the grid that is causing problems on your Mac

no, i thought so at first, it makes a bit of a difference but it rather appears that the amount of objects or lines does not matter much, it keeps the same jaggy. are you testing with a 32 inch screen or at least with something similar? it might be not visible if you have a small(er) display or resolution.