Rhino 6 on macOS Catalina 10.15.2

Hello Rhino community

I’m running Rhino 6 on MacBook Pro (13-inch late 2013), 2.4Ghz dual core i5, 8GB 1600MHZ DDR3, intel iris 1536mb

I recently update to rhino 6 and all seemed to be working well.

I need to regular work on a large model which is 1.15GB. Initially everything was working well, a little slow but workable. However now it is impossible for me to work on the model as there is so much lag.

I not an experience rhino user, but I’d appreciate some advise to try and resolve this. The fact that it had been possible to work on the model, leads me to believe that I should be able to resolve this.

Important to note that the 3D model is a rhino 5 file. Would that change things??

Thanks in advance.

that is probably not going to help you much, i personally have given up on Rhino 6 due the the performance issues. i used the beta for a while and then the evaluation version. i have a 15" Macbook from end 2013 with an NVIDIA. but it did not feel much better than the on board which you are using.

it went up and down with the performance, in the end it seemed like it is getting better again but it still was not on par with the core navigation functions of Rhino 5. there were some discussions about it that this might only be resolved entirely in the next version. i have no idea to be honest.

regarding your specific problem, i believe there was some trouble with larger files. maybe try to do a search.

also categorise your topic as Mac since you are at it.


So I had the same 3D file in rhino 6 file version and it seemed to operate much better. It was still a bit laggy, but just about workable.

Are they any changes that I can make in settings to improve further?

Smaller files seemed to be fine.

i am a bit confused, you say that it actually works better in version 6? you compared to version 5? to be fair there was one noticeable performance improvement with larger amount of mesh. at least from what i could see. but for example zooming in an out is a bit slower in rhino 6. noticable when you do quick movements and or drawing 2d.

back to your specific issue.

did you install the latest versions of rhino 6? i remember there was some trouble when everything slowed down significantly due to the developers lab ratting the users a little with some “improvements” after some voices shouted out they thankfully changed it back again, but with the newest versions that should be pretty good again.

also go to rhino preferences and check your open gl settings. try lowering antialiasing or turning it off entirely. see if that helps already. after that we have to check through your display modes. did you modify any of these? and which are you using mostly? i guess shaded?

last instance is of course when the file is really large and ok an onboard chip set from a 13 inch mbook is not the strongest then using wire mode is what you might have to use then.