Rhino 6 Osnap not working

Rhino 6 snapping options not working. And the problem is not from snap to occluded objects. It doesn’t work completely and also it seems like the issue is limited as I have not seen any complain from others.

OMEN by HP Laptop 17-an0xx

I know this is like the computer help desk asking you if your computer is plugged in, but do you have Osnaps turned on? They can be turned off and on by clicking on the word “Osnaps” at the bottom of the Rhino screen.

It’s September 2020 and I am still seeing this problem persisting. I am a TA for a graphics class using primarily rhino and grasshopper and one of my students is having this problem. We have scoured the internet with little luck. We have tried resetting defaults in modeling tools, we have tried updating the program, we have tried changing views to wireframe; all producing no helpful results. Has anyone else in the mcneel forums run into this issue and think they can help?

Is her software corrupt or maybe her computer? I hope someone can help with this soon or else I am going to give her a crash course in sketch-up or revit as finals projects are looming. Osnap seems paramount for successful Rhino.

Can the student run SystemInfo in Rhino and can you paste the results here? This sounds like it might be a display problem. Are the student’s Rhino and Windows install up to date?

can you post a screen capture video showing the problem?

Thank you for the very fast replies. We were actually able to figure it out within an hour of me posting. The issue was very basic and on me for not reading the geometry properties. All of the geometry she was using were imported from sketch-up as meshes and thus could not be used with any of the oSnaps. I missed this important and tiny detail and was too quick to jump on the forum. I appreciate the support.

vertex snap should work on meshes-