Rhino 6: Numpy + Scipy

Hello here,

I’m in a process of converting a Rhino 5 project to a Rhino 6 project, using IronPython, numpy & scipy. It is told everywhere that Rhino 6 being 64 bits, while (numpy,scipy) being 32 bits, it is impossible directly.

What would be the most straightforward way to do this? My first idea would be to use Grasshopper, then GhPython, that would import numpy+scipy, do the job and then send the result back to Rhino. Is that feasible? Is there a better way to use Numpy&Scipy with Rhino 6?

Thank you!


As far as I know Rhino 6 does not support numpy or scipy (I know what a bummer…). However you can do a lot of things using the MATH.net library (find more info here: Same question in McNeel Forum) or for Grasshopper here: nuget library

I would also love to see Rhino opening more towards Python but currently it is how it is.