Numpy and scipy in Rhinopython

Hello everyone,

I am working in Rhino 7 (64 bit) and using a lot of Python scripting. It would be generally really useful to be able to use numpy and scipy for some of their built-in algorithms. I have found this guide Numpy and Scipy in Rhinopython and I have tried to follow it, but it seems that this only works in Rhino 5 (32-bit).
I was able to install Ironpython and numpy and scipy (using the .egg files) but I was not able to install Rhino 5 (32-bit) and Rhino 7 does not seem to recognize this.

Is this method still a feasible option and if yes, where would I find Rhino 5 (32-bit)? Or is there now a better way to use rhinopython/rhinoscriptsyntax together with Rhino 7 (64-bit)? Also, some collaborators are using Mac OS, is there a way to use scipy/numpy with Ironpython in Rhino 7 that works for Windows and Mac?

Thanks for any help!

Hi @Lara_Zamboni,

Rhino’s Python is currently based on IronPython (.NET), not CPython (“C”). Thus, it cannot use NumPy or SciPy directly.

That said, some scripters have had success using Hops to call CPython libraries including Numpy and SciPy

Hope this helps.

– Dale

Hi Dale

Thanks for your help! I will check out the links you provided.