NumPy / SciPy support in Rhino 6

Following on from this post:

As I understand it the ports of NumPy and SciPy are only 32-Bit compatible. Has anyone tested them in Rhino 6? Can anything be done to support these?

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I’m pretty sure these libraries are not going to work on Rhino 6 and there hasn’t been much of any mention of these libraries being updated to support 64 bit. The best two options that I can think of at the moment would be to either

  1. call python in an external process and wait for a result
  2. let us know exactly what functionality you need from these libraries so we can see if there is anything we can expose in Rhino’s SDK to provide equivalent functionality.

@stevebaer, Yipes! Those two packages are really handy when doing some serious number crunching. I will see exactly what components I am currently using but I would hate to limit myself to just those.

Do you think you could create an example of 1.?

There’s also the Math.NET option, Giulio made a handy write up here:

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I very need an option which unites a set of polysurfaces in a uniform object - it is added to Rhino 6.

That has nothing to do with NumPy/SciPy… Mitch

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