Rhino 6 Mac Performance Issues in 2d drawing

I agree in that…I am just afraid it is a long time run…

I can report similar issues here as well… Working on some 2D drawings now and 90% of my time consists of just waiting for some command or edit to finish. Especially changing properties of lots of curves is extremely slow.

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Has anyone tried this in the V7 Mac WIP?
If anything major needs to be fixed, it isn’t likely to happen in V6.
Too risky.

Yes, and it’s the same as in V6. Try this file, select all entities and try to move it. If you do the same in V5 you will have no problems. Please, take a serious look at this because something is wrong with performance in both V6 and V7 for Mac.

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Just because I bumped into this several times now, while creating some plans:
Even merely selecting a lot of curves (around 10-100k) takes very long. For one drawing with around 50k curves I waited something like 5-10 minutes just to select it. Nothing else, just selecting all curves…

Hopefully this can be solved, since it seems to have worked better in V5.

All the best,


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The developer is aware of this issue.
I don’t have the YouTrack item at my fingertips but he has it.

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Sounds great - thanks a lot for your work!
Wishing you guys much success!

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guys any updates on this issue?

I am just working on stadium seats (simple rectangles), but every operation takes forever… it is basically impossible to finish my work on Rhino Mac since it takes 5-10x longer than it should.


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I switched to Rhino 7 mac wip. But the performance doesn’t seem to improve.

2d drawing performance still not faster, + all the layouts disappeard (they are still there but empty)

Btw: Why is zooming with the magic mouse “wheel” so fast in 7 wip? Where can I make it slower?

There is something else which is really annoying.

Sometimes I work on a file which is saved on the server, which sometimes loses connection. When that happens I cannot save the file on the desktop, I cannot close Rhino. The only thing I can do is force quit Rhino and restart the computer to reestablish server connection.

BUT In that case I lose all my work, because even if I saved the Rhino files thousands of times with cmd+s while working during the server connection was still established, Rhino for some reason reverts all and I lose everything. Why???

In Rhino 5 mac no problem. In case the server loses connection I just save the opened file on the desktop, restart the computer and then replace the file on the server. Easy. In Rhino 6+7 wip that does not work :((((

Yeah, hopefully there is some solution on the way…

@OXII, maybe it would be better to post these issues in separate threads, or search for them on the forum - we should focus this threaD to Curve Drawing Performance issues :pray:t4:

this is serious issue for me right now. Basic 2d work maxing out the CPU on a maxed out macbook pro with Rhino 6.

Really want to make the switch from cad to rhino for 2d but with these kind of performance issues its currently illogical.

Please, any progress on this?


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Dear “Gssprey”, we switched to Rhino 7 mac Beta. The performance is better on our machines (mac mini & macbook pro). Still not completely satisfied with the 2d performance, but it gets better from build to build.

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What graphics card are you folks using on your macs?

Not to be the killjoy here, but I have a lot of complete models and (until they get really big) I have not seen performance problems on Rhino for Mac; even on my 10-year-old Mac Book Pro that I had to retire last year when I could not get the keyboard repaired. I have always maxed out my memory and gotten the best graphics card available (and I get the lowest processor available to save the money).

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I am using an Graphics Intel Iris (1536 MB) on a mac mini bought in 2016 (spec is 2014 I think) and an AMD Radeon Pro 450 OpenGL 2GB with a Macbook Pro early 2017 spec.

Do you have a lot of 2d data as well (imported dwg, 2d technical drawings, layouts)?

The iris is way below min spec and even the radeon is below min spec… We’d like to see 4gb of vram min… and 8gb of system ram… Those number have some “ish” on the mac side but are a decent guideline to start from.

The intel iris machines should not be supported at all in my personal opinion (disclaimer: not an official mcneel recommendation) because their performance is just not good enough to use in a pro setting…

if you are doing pro work… buy a pro machine.

and I’m sure I’ll get flamed for saying this (cue comments like: I have an iris machine and it’s GREAT!!)

However, on tech, I have lost track of how many cases I’ve seen relating to Intel UHD, Intel hd and Intel Iris machines and their frustrating performance and graphics hassles. Those machines are expensive for what you get and people get mad when they don’t work well…

My best advice is: spend a little more and get a machine that won’t make you want to throw it across the room every time you use it.


You get flamed for saying this.

The mac mini was top spec when we bought it (4 years ago). The macbook pro did cost more than 3000 euros 3 years ago. That is no entry level hardware.

Lifespan of professional hardware has to be 6-8 years when used in an office (I am not talking about one person but an office), otherwise it makes no economical sense to buy macs. This has to be taken in consideration when developing new software.

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If it has intel iris graphics, it may be top spec, but not a pro spec machine for modeling, despite the cost.

To be clear, Money spent does not a pro machine make.

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On Blender 2.9 (Modeling and Rendering) this machine is amazing, considering it’s specs. As it is for Adobe/Affinity and AutoCAD. So I do not get why in 2d drawing in Rhino 6/7 it is a desaster. As well as my Macbook Pro. Although 7 beta is already way better than 6.

And I am not talking about modeling skyscrapers, but normal 2d and 3d work of interiors and small architecture.

A lot of this has to do with the OpenGL drivers on Mac. Drawing curves in any GPU accelerated technology is actually very GPU intensive work and we saw a huge performance improvement on Windows when we implemented a certain technique for drawing curves in OpenGL. Unfortunately, Apple’s drivers never worked very well with this OpenGL feature and I don’t think that will change. Our only realistic option on Mac is to reimplement our display code on top of Metal. This is a very big project and is something we are working on for V8.

We’ll keep making performance improvements in our current display for V7 when we find situations with models that users share that we find can be optimized.