Rhino 6 line weight on screen


The line weight on the screen is in Rhino 6 much higher than in Rhino 5. PrintDisplay is both times off, and the line weight in Options … Display Mode is for curves is 1 pixel.

Is there a way to display the lines thinner (like in Rhino 5)?

Rhino 6

Rhino 5

Hello - use testWirethicknessScale - when you get a setting that looks good set the ‘advanced’ option here:
Options > Advanced > OpenGL.WireThicknessScale



Thank you. But I can’t set thinner lines. I am working with the german version running windows in german. So instead of a point a comma is automatically put in. Is that the problem?



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It works now. Apparently OpenGL.WireThicknessScale is set automatically when you change the thickness with testWirethicknessScale.
So thank you!

Thanks, Pascal this works fine on a 4K monitor. Is there a way for the grid lines to not be scaled in lock-step with the model lines? Effect of scaling the drawing lines to be suitably visible is diminished by the same-weight grid lines regardless of line-color settings. Same for dimension and other non-drawing lines.

Tom Longtin

Hi - no, WireThicknessScale will affect all lines.
You could change the thickness of curves in the display modes to have them stand out from the grid lines.

Hi All,

I’m looking at a similar issue but for standalone curves instead of the curves that are displayed as a part of the edges of polysrfs. I tried applying different thicknesses settings through the “Options > Advanced > OpenGL.WireThicknessScale” settings option but that only seems to change the thicknesses for object edges and not for curves themselves. Here are some of the screenshots, the top one shows some sample boxes with 1pt line weight and the second one with .25pt line weight but the line weights for the curves doesn’t seem to change with the setting.


Hi Tony -
You can set the display weight for curves in your display mode:
Rhino Options -> View -> Display Modes -> [ _YourMode_ ] -> Objects -> Curves

I have a question regarding the lineweight that is displayed on the screen.
In my example, I have all print widths set to Default, and all linetypes set on Continuous.
But some curves are showing wider than the others. If I change the OpenGL setting, it only changes the lighter ones :

But then, if I _BringToFront the window on the upper right of the drawing, it seems to affect as well the lineweight of the curves. I would like to have the weight of my linetypes not depend on the way they are ordered from Front to Back.

Furthermore, here between the first and the second screen capture, I have only selected one curve, which changes the way curves are displayed. Zooming in or out will get me back from the second to the first situation.

I’m working on Rhino 7 for Mac. This has only happened to me since Rhino 6 I think, and working on my laptop or on separate display doesn’t make a change.

Edit : The problem only exists for thin curves. If I set the Curve width at 2 in the Display Mode setting, all curves are displayed the same, but are pretty bold, and I would like to draw with thinner curves, if possible.

Thank you for your answer !