Line thickness in wireframe mode

Hi all,
I am looking to thicken the visibility (sp) of a single curve in wire frame mode. Its at 1 pixel resolution now; I am looking for two or more so that I can take a screen shot and people can see it.
Thanks so much,

Hi Crooty- in Options > View > Display Modes > Wirframe > Objects > Curves you can set the thickness. You can also set print width in a curve’s Properties and with the PrintDisplay command toggled on, you will see the print width in the viewport.


Hi Pascal,
I want to reduce the display mode wire-frame object curve thickness to 0.01. it takes 0 but not 0.1-0.01. kindly let me know if it is possible

Hi - that is not possible, no.
Which version of Rhino are you running?

rhino 6

actually i am using Scan and solve and it takes wire frame

but the mesh is too dense the result is not clearly seen

i cant reduce the mesh density as it is an output of grasshopper. but if i can reduce the width of the mesh, viewing results might work

Hi - In Rhino 6, you could try playing with an advanced setting. Go to Rhino Options > Advanced and look for Rhino.Options.OpenGL.WireThicknessScale. This will affect all wires, though.

Thankyou Wim for an instant reply, really appreciate your efforts.

I would like to ask if you are talking about this appearance setting option?

Because in advance option nothing it is displayed

Restart your Rhino it happens to me all the time

oh great!
Yes i figured out! thankyou so much @velopl and @wim .

3 much better :slight_smile: