Rhino 6 (licensed and latest version february 2017 ) Print to PDF Option Results in 1kb empty File

Print pdf and the new pdf option in rhino 6 don’t work for my file when I try to print a 1.5x2.5m pdf. With adobe pdf printer it gives an error and with the internal pdf option it generates a file of 1kb without lines.

The file has simple linework and some texts.

Any ideas what could be the problem, or is it a bug?

Thanks for the help.

with pdfcreator it works, but it would be nice if the internal pdf option would work

Seemed to work here as a test when I specified a 2500mm x 1500mm page size, I got a ~30Mb file from a 2d drawing. What are the print options you are using?

standard settings with only paper size changed to 1500x2500 in “pdf” option in rhino 6. Attached the file that is not working for me. Does that work for you?
printing1500x2500mmLayoutPage1NotWorkingRhino6.3dm (973.2 KB)

(and thanks for your reply by the way)

I got this:
Testprint3.pdf (101.6 KB)

ahh, mine was set at 600 dots per inch by default, i changed it to 300, and now it generates the pdf… interesting, guess it had to do with the resolution, which is funny because we’re working with vectors here…

Does yours work with 600dpi?

Yeah, I wondered about that, it came up with 600 dpi as a default, but I set it back down to 300 - and for a print that size, probably 150 would be fine. Most large format printers, although you can specify higher resolutions, cannot actually print them.

If it was raster, a 600 dpi 1500mm x 2500mm (~60" x 98") makes around 2,000,000,000 dots or an approximately 6Gb file (if I got it right at 3 bytes per pixel)… Even at 300dpi, it would be 1.5Gb.

Nope. Maybe an inbuilt limit somewhere… @stevebaer


I guess resolution matters, even though there is not a pixel in the file… thanks for thinking along

I know sounds weird, but resolution does matter even for vector output. PDF doesn’t natively support NURBS curves so we have to fit a series of Beziers to represent the curve. The resolution helps define the fitting tolerance used as we don’t want the Beziers to be more than one pixel off.

I can repeat the bug with the resolution set at 600dpi. I’ve logged a bug for this at
and am investigating right now.

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This will be fixed in next week’s SR2 Release Candidate. My code changes were too late for this week.

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RH-44148 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

great. thank you