Bug: Rhino 6 for Windows - Save/print as PDF failing to generate file when a large custom size page is used



I am having trouble with the Rhino inbuilt save as PDF function in the print dialog (Latest Rhino 6 for Windows - 6.1.18037.13441). When using a large custom size page it fails to generate a PDF of the drawing.

Custom Page size for PDF print: 600mm x 2310mm

Note that a file is generated but no drawing data is contained. The PDF function seems to work fine when using the default set of page sizes.



This is a known/reported bug if you have specified 600 dpi… I think it should work if you set it 300 dpi or less.


Thanks Helvetosaur, setting the dpi to 300 worked.

(Steve Baer) #4

This should be fixed in the SR2 release candidate scheduled to be released next Tuesday.