Bug: Rhino 6 for Windows - Save/print as PDF failing to generate file when a large custom size page is used


I am having trouble with the Rhino inbuilt save as PDF function in the print dialog (Latest Rhino 6 for Windows - 6.1.18037.13441). When using a large custom size page it fails to generate a PDF of the drawing.

Custom Page size for PDF print: 600mm x 2310mm

Note that a file is generated but no drawing data is contained. The PDF function seems to work fine when using the default set of page sizes.


This is a known/reported bug if you have specified 600 dpi… I think it should work if you set it 300 dpi or less.

Thanks Helvetosaur, setting the dpi to 300 worked.

This should be fixed in the SR2 release candidate scheduled to be released next Tuesday.