Rhino 6 level 2 training materials, Troubleshooting chapter end part: I'm stuck;please help

Hello. I’m stuck at the end part of the Troubleshooting chapter in Rhino 6 level 2 training materials. I got done with the first file called Check 01.3dm, but not… I’m stuck on that 2nd one called Check 02.3dm. I cannot figure it out. 2 things: How do I fillet from one edge to another (it’s not working for me for some reason) on the backside of the item/object? And, next, how do I properly correct the ‘naked edges’ found scattered throughout the model? I tried ‘join 2 naked edges’ under the Analyze menu, Edge tools, but it didn’t work to fix all the naked edges. I’m thinking about trying flip direction or something. Any ideas?

The link to the training materials section I’m on: Rhinoceros Help

The file for the 3D model: Check 02x5.3dm (1.1 MB)

Hi Kevin - as I recall, if you want to fully fix this thing, you’ll need to use all your Rhino skills! Here, for instance, there are a couple of ways to go at it but UntrimBorder on these, ExtendSrf the small one through the fillets, and then retrimming:

The missing fillet surface at the round hole is present, I think in the Iges file, you should not need to recreate it - but you may need to Untrim it to be able to work with it.


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holy hell… this is like 100x harder than that previous check 01.3dm file… WOW! So hard, cuz every time I use ‘join 2 naked edges’ it pulls or changes surrounding surfaces shapes and makes it end up having more and more naked edges in total… but, even otherwise this is very hard… give me like 5 more hours, as I’m down to 4 naked edges now, LOL…

I have to admit, that _EdgeSrf command/tool is like magic in this situation in the check 02 file… hold on…

Well, yes, if you want to really go to town and close the object up - it is included to give you more to work on if you are feeling it - but the actual bad objects are straightforward.
If you want an interesting twist, turn on the control points for the little cylinders (holes) that are bad as the file opens - see how the structure is an equilateral triangle rather than a Rhino style square? I do not know what software generated the object originally - it is at least 20 years old…


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I believe you Pascal. 20+ years for an IGES file sounds realistic. Yes, the bad objects were a bit easier. I just deleted the circular surface in the cylinders and then lofted by selecting (Ctrl+Shift) sub objects to loft which worked very well. I’m down to 4 naked edges, and trying to ‘match surface’ but seems to cause another naked edge or edges to pop up on me after doing so. I’m now trying that extend surface command after untrimming, but not sure if it’s gonna work for me.

Check 02x11.3dm (9.9 MB) Check 02x12doneBYmakingNEWcurves4nakedPOINT.3dm (1.2 MB) Check 02x10.3dm (10.3 MB) Finally! I got done by making a few new curves near the base of one of the filleted surfaces. I used existing intersections or end points of things as something to go by, like reference points/objects. Actually, that filleted curved I got by DupEdge, but the other 2 curves I got by just making new control point curves connecting at it’s end and I made a complete wireframe from 4 deleted surfaces giving a naked point… was, more of a point than an edge by the looks of it. So, what do you think? Close enough to what was probably the original IGES file’s 3D model?

OK - I am not red-hot about this area though:

What was wrong with the surfaces that were there?


I would not recreate these with your own, the layout as is is fine, just untrim-retrim where needed to get them to join up.

Check 02x12doneBYmakingNEWcurves4nakedPOINT_PG.3dm (998.6 KB)


I think the area you point out is where I had to fix a gap that was created by use of either MatchSrf or that join 2 naked edges command. It stretched surrounding surfaces, so I fixed one naked edge, only to end up with another few. This is how I solved that. I couldn’t figure out how to do it otherwise. So, I think I used patch or that EdgeSrf command to get the gap that popped up on me to be filled… maybe it was ‘patch’. From what I remember, it was one of those.

…I’m now thinking I needed to match the surfaces with ‘positional’ continuity and not the tangency or curvature I had used… oops

OK @pascal , I redid it a different and better way now. Was a bit easier too. What I did was explode, untrim where there were naked edges, use MatchSrf to match with both options set to ‘positional’, then join the whole thing up again. After that, each time I would check it to see progress on slowly taking away naked edges. Eventually I got to get it to be a solid, or a ‘close solid polysurface’ as Rhino 6 calls it. I also, where possible, just used the menu option for ‘join 2 naked edges’ which made it easy on me when Rhino could do that error free and well enough.
It took a while for me to figure out that the last Rhino 6 update must have changed my setting for ‘mesh’ under ‘preferences’ under the ‘file’ menu back to default. So, I got it changed back to the fine/quality/slower setting for object rendering (non-photorealistic type; ‘shaded’ rendering). Cuz, for a while I seen that Rhino was showing open areas between surfaces, and now it shows no such thing… and strange cuz it was not showing me naked edges in those areas. So, it ended up being just a visual only problem.
Here’s the final redone file, if you’re curious: Check 02x6offshoot3doneBYexplodeUNTRIMpositionalMATCHSRFjoin.3dm (1.3 MB)

we go into this is detail in the level 2 on demand class here-